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Welcome to Colourbaloo 2020

About this project

There’s always a piece of artwork that inspires you, that stays with you. For me, it was in the entrance of the Russel Cotes Museum in Bournemouth over 20 years ago. The piece was made by two artists who lived in different areas of the country. They were strangers, and got to know each other by writing letters to one another. The letters were used in the artwork and it was beautiful.  20 years on, there is still something about that piece that resonates with me, about building a connection and making something really beautiful out of it.

The world in lockdown

When the world went into lockdown, many people felt isolated, I know I certainly did. I saw that Hullabaloo were calling for entries and the theme was Biosphere, I knew I had to do something. I’m an environmental activist, I care deeply about all life, it’s beautiful! I also care about how people feel, and I wanted to unite people , despite our current situation.

The Biosphere and Us

People are wonderfully diverse, and all life makes up the Biosphere, it’s not just creatures and plants. So the idea was simple – start the ball rolling by making an image for people to colour in. To encourage people to go outside of the lines, to add bits, to make their own print their own. And then to unite people together on screen.

This is the first project of its kind that I know of, and seeing what people have achieved, I feel it has been a success. I thank the people who have taken part from the bottom of my heart. When the images started coming in, I knew it was going to work.

The template line-work was divided into quarters and copies sent out to our contributors to colour

I’d like to thank Chris Jones of GDNS Art & Design for listening to my idea and working out how to do the tech side to make it happen, for creating the web gallery.

So please do have a play, scroll through and see all of the different styles all together.

Julie Hutchison